April 23, 2019

Call for Proposal: BIOGAS INNOVATION FUND - Funding Opportunity for Innovations in the Biogas Sector Vietnam

Call for Proposal
Funding Opportunity for Innovations in the Biogas Sector Vietnam

1.   Introduction

Since 2013, GIZ/Energizing Development (EnDev) have been supporting SNV and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for the project “Towards a Market Driven Biogas Sector in Vietnam”, aiming for a transition towards stronger commercial supply channels.

Vietnam has a strong culture of innovation in the business sector. One of our strategies, therefore, is to help the market to grow by the establishment of an Innovations Fund (IF) to spur bottom up innovations. This IF has the purpose to serve as an accelerator for innovations by covering costs of pilots, trials and activities with the that aim to give proof to innovative, commercial viable and scalable, concepts around biodigesters.

The innovations, that will be financed under the IF, are practical by nature and directly linked to a viable supply chain that is able to benefit from the lessons, and able to be converted into commercial viable products or services that shall be sold in the market in the near term. Lessons from the IF will be shared among stakeholders to scale up learnings and to replicate successes throughout Vietnam.

The Innovations Challenge Fund invites applicants from the public, private and civil sector, as well as individuals to respond according the outline below.

2.   Specific Objectives

The IF will be structured along the following principles; the innovations need to arrive at commercial viable solutions that:

  • Add value to the biodigesters system for end users; consumptive and productive,
  • Provide commercial viable opportunities the suppliers may benefit from as new income source,
  • Avoid greenhouse gasses e.g. prevention of leakage of methane into the atmosphere,
  • New and innovative biogas appliances that give value to biogas for productive or consumptive use,
  • Introduce larger volume composite biodigesters models to the market >10m3 and <50m3,
  • Biodigesters that have alternative feedstock inputs than animal manure (plant materials or other waste materials),
  • Biodigester that made from new materials, which are not limited to HDPE, concrete.
  • Awareness creation and scalability is explicit part of the proposed solution

The proposals can be a combination of the above.

3.   Funding Structure

The IF will select around eight (08) proposals and award the proposed budgets in the range of VND 78,000,000 to VND 520,000,000.

There are three components for which you may propose.

  1. The Open Bid has no specific preference of technology proscription and is open to any innovations. Approximately five (05) bids will be awarded of up to VND 260,000,000.
  2. Appliances refer to the introduction of innovative biogas appliances with a maximum of   VND 78,000,000.
  3. Large composite biodigester models which need to be proven product in pilot project that have innovations in terms of production, scalability and outreach within and outside Vietnam. It is expected one will qualify for up to VND 520,000,000.



Approximate number of winning bids

Grant volume

Open Bid


< VND 260,000,000

Biogas Appliances


< VND 78,000,000

Large Composite models


< VND 520,000,000



VND 1,976,000,000

The IF grant money will be disbursed according to a performance-based contract that includes milestones. Co-finance and/or own contributions are encouraged to bring in, but are not mandatory.

The financial tranches will be transferred along a series of straightforward defined and self-reported milestones: (1) upon signature, (2) upon mid-term milestone, and (3) upon completion & presentation.

4.   Application forms

Applicants will need to fill in the proposal template attached to this call as Annex 1, which covers all contents indicated in the table, includes the general information of the applicant, technical proposal, financial proposal and work plan.

Interested parties that meet the eligibility criteria are requested to fill in the template in Annex 1 proposal template and submit together with technology supporting documents, addressing the title “Application to Biogas Innovation Fund” in the cover of proposal.

Please send application via email to:

Or in originally signed version via post mail to the address below at the latest 17:00 on 25th May 2019:

More details can be found in the attached ToRs in both English and Vietnamese languages.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
3rd Floor, Building D, La Thanh hotel
218 Doi Can street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 024. 38463791

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